Feather River Setback Levee Construction

Bear River Levee Improvements

Bear River Setback Levee – Phase 2 (2005/2006)
In 2005, TRLIA broke ground on the construction of the Bear River Setback levee, which was designed to replace an existing levee that was weakened by major structural deficiencies. In the first year, construction crews focused on preparing the foundation for the setback levee, to include the construction of a cutoff slurry wall that ranges from 30 to 70 feet deep, placement of relief wells, and construction of two detention basins north of the setback levee alignment.

The setback levee portion of the improvements is approximately 9,600 feet long and replaced portions of the existing Bear River and Feather River levees, at the confluence of the two rivers. The old levees were removed and used for construction of the new Setback Levee..

A partnership with River Partners resulted in River Partners planting in the Bear setback area its one millionth tree. The shrubs and trees in the setback area are critical to preventing erosion within the expanded floodway.

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