Feather River Setback Levee Construction

The Feather River Levee Improvements will provide 200-year flood protection to an area twice devastated by flooding since 1986.

The bulk of the project’s $200.5 million cost, or $154.8 million, is being paid for by the State Department of Water Resources. Yuba County, Yuba County Water Agency, Reclamation District 784 and one local landowner are partnering to provide $53.3 million in local funding.

[ EIP Funding Agreement ]

Levee improvements are broken into three segments [map] :

  • Segment 1: Bear River to approximately Star Bend
  • Segment 2: Setback levee between Star Bend and approximately Shanghai Bend
  • Segment 3: Approximately Shanghai Bend to Yuba River (Hwy 70)

The Feather River Levee Improvements are projects of the Three Rivers Levee Improvement Authority [Who We Are].

Feather River

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