Feather River Setback Levee Construction

Segment 3: Shanghai Bend to Yuba River (Hwy 70)

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Underseepage, through-seepage and freeboard were problems in this 2.8 mile-long stretch along the Feather River. Freeboard refers to the difference in height between the expected water level in a flood and the top of the levee.

Improvements included adding height to the levee to increase freeboard and constructing cutoff walls, stability berms, relief wells and monitoring wells to address underseepage and through-seepage. Click here for more information.

  • Cutoff walls are built to create an underground barrier, providing resistance to flood waters.
  • Stability berms add weight to weaker areas, providing extra resistance to the force of flood waters
  • Relief wells intercept underseepage and help control the release of water
  • Monitoring wells are installed so levee operators can keep a close eye on water levels

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Levee Excavation (Segment 3)

Cutoff Wall Construction
Cutoff Wall Construction (Segment 3)

Stability Berm Construction
Stability Berm Construction (Segment 3)

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