Feather River Setback Levee Construction

Simpson Lane to the Gold Fields

In 2006, the Yuba River South Levee between Highway 70 and Simpson Lane was improved with a slurry wall and seepage berm. Only later did further study point to the need for additional improvements from Simpson Lane to the Gold Fields. Currently, the Upper Yuba Levee Improvement Project is under construction. Improvements include a combination of slurry walls and seepage berms. [see diagrams] The project will also address corrections to slope geometry.

Approximately one-half mile of rock riprap will be placed to protect the Yuba River South Levee immediately downstream of the Yuba Goldfields. This project will provide a levee erosion protection blanket that covers 3,159 feet of the South Yuba River Levee.

Prior to starting construction, TRLIA commissioned an engineering study to determine how slurry walls might affect the flow and quality of groundwater. The study concludes that this project will have no significant impacts on groundwater quality, flow, or reliability. [Read the full report]

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